Technical Project Manager ESP / New Braking Systems (H/F), Drancy


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Technical Project Manager ESP / New Braking Systems (H/F), Drancy

Ingénierie, Technique, Sciences, Santé
Offre archivée le 09/03/2023


Technical Project Manager ESP / New Braking Systems (H/F), Drancy


The Technical Project Manager (TPM) is the technical « backbone » of the project.

The TPM is responsible for defining the requirements for the involved components & services (software, ECU, HU, sensors, performance application, acquired components & services).

He is responsible for the coordination of the technical definition, implementation & verification of all system components.

In this respect, the main tasks of the TPM are :

  • To drive specification analysis during quotation phase & project phase, getting a commitment from involved stakeholders and guarantee specification fulfilment at every baseline delivery.
  • To ensure reporting & communication of technical issues with the Customer.
  • To manage the technical activities with involved stakeholders & ensure timely cooperation of technical activities within the project.


  • Good engineering skills in embedded software and theoretical Vehicle dynamics.
  • Significative Knowledge in vehicle embedded systems (ADAS, electric Powertrain)
  • SW skills (at least code reading)
  • French mandatory - English as reference language for reporting, phone call, presentation
  • Good Communication skills to communicate with the customer and internally / Ability to get people adhesion
  • Open minded, curious and customer oriented
  • Driver licence valid (permis B)


Offre archivée le 09/03/2023

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